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3 Social Media Prompts Rooted in Sales Psychology and How to Use Them



Sales and consumer psychology became the buzzwords on social media in 2023 – and for good reason. Sales and consumer psych are the literal science behind sales and should be a part of every small business owner’s and entrepreneur’s skillset.

But it’s one thing to know of a strategy and another to know how to apply it – which means these social media prompts using sales psychology are just what you need to get started.

These prompts are rooted in sales psych and can be used on socials (think reels, captions, stories) or email, and I won’t just tell you what they are; I’m going to tell you why they work and how to use them –

How to Use Sales Psychology in Your Social Media Content

Sales psychology is understanding your consumer’s emotional needs, putting yourself in their shoes, and using the value of your offer to sell – you’re leaning into their emotions to help them make decisions when buying. 

Sales psych and neuromarketing influence strategies marketers utilize in copywriting, blog writing, email marketing, and social media. They’re also the reason why client testimonials and social proof work so well in marketing.

You can start using sales psychology in your social media content by first identifying the different strategies you can use (there are six that I love and share in my Neuromarketing & Consumer Psych Guide) and allowing those strategies to lead how you approach your audience. 

These strategies aren’t limited to a certain ‘type’ or ‘stage’ of entrepreneurship – they’re for anyone who wants to sell anything (services, products, etc). If you want to see the difference sales psych can make, try adding these three prompts to your content calendar –

Prompt #1: Common Enemy Meets Vulnerability/Connection 

“Anyone else tired of [common annoyance/problem your offer can fix]?”

Example: “Anyone else tired of sales pages that take 13 minutes to read? Same. That’s why I created a template that does XYZ.”

The first social media prompt rooted in sales psychology combines the common enemy strategy with vulnerability and connection. You’re letting your people know you’re with them – not better than them. 

You’re also calling out a common issue your clients experience without being too spicy (and just like you can bond over something you love, you can bond over something you hate, too).

Prompt #2: Emotion and Humor

“Listen, I’m not asking for a lot – just [2-3 lifestyle/work-related wishes you & your audience share].”

Example: “Listen, I’m not asking for a lot. Just a few passive sales per week and enough consistent income I can afford 3 days on a yacht in the South of France.”

Consumers love a mix of emotion and humor, and this second prompt can lean into both or go either way. One of the things I love about this prompt is that it shows your audience just how similar you are to them and builds a community. Trust me, your audience wants to know that you relate and have similar goals – they love it.

You’d follow this prompt with a blurb on how your offers can make their wishes come true.

Prompt #3: Positivity

“I don’t care what you’ve been led to believe, you 100% can do/have [something your offer helps them achieve/have that maybe someone else said they couldn’t].”

Example: “I don’t care what you’ve been told, you can 100% double your revenue without doubling your workload, and I’d be honored to prove it to you.”

Social media prompt #3 is centered around positivity. In sales, positivity goes a long way. People are tired of agitational content and getting beaten down. Be the person who chooses to rise above for them.

Seems simple, right? These social media prompts using sales psychology can help you learn and apply your foundational skills – and the more you apply them, the easier it gets.

The Strategy Behind the Prompts (and the Power of Sales Psych)

Sales psychology is a strategy. You’re not “one and done,” you should be utilizing sales psych consistently in your marketing. These prompts are just a starting point for this strategy broken down into digestible pieces to make it easier for you to implement.

I didn’t choose these prompts randomly; I designed them to help you appeal and connect with your audience’s wants, needs, and feelings. I want to help you attract your audience to your offer without needing to directly promote your offer.

You’re doing two main things with this series: creating an emotional connection by bonding over things you like (and dislike) and being more “likable,” as your audience is more likely to trust (and buy) from someone they connect with (like you).

And if you find these prompts helpful and want to learn more about sales psychology, you’ll love the Summer Selling Series, a series of 9 marketing-, sales-, and copy-focused masterclasses led by me & my brilliant co-teachers (the wisest women I know in this space). 

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