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Helping business owners tap into the powers of sales, psychology, and storytelling to reach their ideal audience, sell their services & products, and increase their impact is sort of my favorite thing.

I've been fascinated by stories and how they connect us since I was really young, inspiring me to earn a journalism degree before spending time in the magazine world and ultimately founding Reveal. My goal is simple: Help you reveal (get it?) your truth and everything that makes you a 10/10 brand in a way that helps people find you, choose you, love you, and pay you. 

This blog is full of my best tips, tricks, and advice. Thanks for stopping by — hope to see you back again here soon.

Hey Cutie,
I’m Kaili

Copywriter, Sales Psych Aficionada, Brand Builder, and Founder of Reveal Studio Co.

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You’re ready to launch your digital product (or you’re thinking about launching), but you don’t know what happens first — or even second, third, fourth… You get it (and you’re not alone).  It’s true there’s a method behind the madness and a way to organize your launch to get the best results — aka the […]

The 5 Phases of a Digital Product Launch: What to Do and When to Do It

Kaili Meyer from Reveal Studio explaining the five main phases of a digital product launch
3 Ways to Improve Your Email ROI | Reveal Studio Co

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If I were forced to pick a favorite marketing platform, it would definitely be email marketing. Emails are one of the best ways to nurture relationships and sell your offers to your audience—and they’re a pretty big part of copywriting (my expertise).  Email, like everything else in copywriting, relies on strategy, sales psychology, and embracing […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Email ROI

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Have you ever subscribed to someone’s newsletter and received a series of emails introducing themselves over the next week? Maybe you’ve downloaded someone’s free resource and received an email 2-3 days later asking how you like it or if you need any help (or potentially pitching their product or service). If you answered yes (or […]

What is an Evergreen Email Sequence?

What is an Evergreen Email Sequence Reveal Studio Co. Branding
Common Sales Page Mistakes to Avoid

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There’s nothing more depressing than a sales page that doesn’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do — sell. And while you know it’s not working, you don’t know WHY it’s not working (and you’re not alone). Whether it’s your copy, design, or strategy, something on your sales page is making your leads go […]

7 Common Sales Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

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As a sales copywriter who’s worked with 350+ clients and has six years of experience, I’ve worked with — and created copy for — multiple six-figure business owners who had six-figure launches. As it continued to happen for my clients, I started to notice trends between them, which cued me in on a few things […]

What’s the Secret to a Six-Figure Launch? 

What's the Secret to a Six-Figure Launch? | Reveal Studio Co.

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Most business owners have mixed feelings about selling — mainly because we always feel like we’re “doing it wrong.” Selling is complicated and requires you to know your audience, your offers, and how to communicate why your audience needs (and wants) your offers.  But rather than going into it blind (because I’d never do that […]

5 Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

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You don’t need to follow the classic copy/paste strategy for launching your digital products — actually, it’s better if you don’t. Don’t get me wrong; you absolutely need a strategy and launch plan in place, but you’ll get better results when you adapt it to you (and your business). But, while I would love to […]

3 Things to Include in Your Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy

Pre-Launch Marketing Strategy Featured Image | Reveal Studio Kaili in a Tan Jacket sitting on the floor in a shadow
Email Sequence to Sell Your Digital Products | Reveal Studio Co.

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Your launch is over (and you nailed it), but what now? How do you keep selling your digital product? Here’s the not-so-secret secret: an evergreen email sequence. Still, knowing you need something and knowing how to do it are two vastly different things, and while email marketing consistently proves to be a channel you shouldn’t […]

An 8-Part Email Sequence to Sell Your Digital Products

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Someone downloading your freebie is a sign they’re interested in you and what you offer, and it just feels good, right? They trust you as the expert to deliver all the best information, and they love your freebie, but what’s their next step? Where do they go? What should you send after your lead magnet? […]

What to Send After Your Lead Magnet

What to Send After Your Lead Magnet | Reveal Studio Standing on a Garage roof in a full white outfit and a brown coat.
Social Media Prompts Using Sales Psychology | Reveal Studio Co sitting with her back against a white wall holding her hair away from her face

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Sales and consumer psychology became the buzzwords on social media in 2023 – and for good reason. Sales and consumer psych are the literal science behind sales and should be a part of every small business owner’s and entrepreneur’s skillset. But it’s one thing to know of a strategy and another to know how to […]

3 Social Media Prompts Rooted in Sales Psychology and How to Use Them