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What is an Evergreen Email Sequence Reveal Studio Co. Branding

What is an Evergreen Email Sequence?



Have you ever subscribed to someone’s newsletter and received a series of emails introducing themselves over the next week?

Maybe you’ve downloaded someone’s free resource and received an email 2-3 days later asking how you like it or if you need any help (or potentially pitching their product or service).

If you answered yes (or even if you didn’t), then you’ve likely experienced an evergreen email sequence.

What is an Evergreen Email Sequence?

An evergreen email sequence is an automated email series that runs year-round and is triggered when your audience subscribes, downloads, buys, clicks, or pretty much interacts with your email list in any way.

They can be used to constantly sell, engage, and nurture your audience while you get to do what you love. 

They’re strategic in the same way traditional web copy is — they’re written to entice your audience into action.

Evergreen email sequences don’t typically include seasonal or time-specific copy. For example, most won’t include a promo for your Christmas special or say, “It’s my birthday” (because, in reality, the likelihood of them getting that email on your actual birthday is minimal to none).

Evergreen sequences work even when you don’t (or can’t), so you’re always welcoming new subscribers, selling your digital products, or even thanking someone for their purchase (it’s all up to you).

Evergreen Email Sequence Examples

There’s knowing what an evergreen email sequence is, and then there’s knowing where and how to use them. Here are a few examples of common sequences you can (and probably should) set up in your business:

#1. Sequence to Sell

The traditional evergreen email sequence — the sequence to sell. Starting at your TOF (top-of-funnel), pitching your product, and ending in a down-sell, this type of sequence helps you strategically promote and sell your courses, programs, and products all year round.

You can expect to have up to 8 emails in this evergreen email funnel (I’ve found this works best and what I include in my funnel template).

#2. Freebie Delivery

You should already have an automated email set up to deliver your free resource, but now it’s time to create a funnel to follow. An evergreen email sequence is the perfect option to deliver your free resource, prime your audience for purchase, and pitch your product (or offer).

A sequence like this is ideal for business owners who want to get more out of their valuable, high-impact, free resources than a “bigger list.”

#3. Welcome Sequence 

A welcome sequence is a sequence I recommend every business owner have if they’re using emails in their marketing. Welcome sequences send when someone subscribes to your email list and introduces you, your business, and how you can help them.

Welcome sequences are typically 3-4 emails long and are ideal for leading into your sales sequence (when you ARE ready to sell).

How to Write an Evergreen Email Sequence

There’s no exact formula to writing the perfect evergreen email sequence (although I strongly believe this template comes pretty close). Still, they use the same principles as any good copy: storytelling, behavior economics, and creativity.

If you want to build a sequence from scratch, I recommend starting with your welcome sequence. Start with an outline before moving to your email drafts. Don’t forget to go back and edit it before uploading it to your email marketing platform (although I suggest giving it another proofread before making it live).

If you do want to make it easier and save a bit of time, you can find a sequence to fit your needs in the Reveal Studio Co shop → Click here to find yours.

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