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Email Sequence to Sell Your Digital Products | Reveal Studio Co.

An 8-Part Email Sequence to Sell Your Digital Products



Your launch is over (and you nailed it), but what now? How do you keep selling your digital product? Here’s the not-so-secret secret: an evergreen email sequence.

Still, knowing you need something and knowing how to do it are two vastly different things, and while email marketing consistently proves to be a channel you shouldn’t ignore, taking action can be a pain. But, if you’re struggling to get your emails to ‘work’ for your business, this sequence is for you.

What is it? It’s an 8-part email sequence to sell your digital products. The goal of this sequence is to take your audience from your TOF (top of funnel) to your pitch.

While every sequence has its purpose, this one is an evergreen email sequence, meaning you write it once, set it up, automate it, and let it do the work for you.

Here’s what you’re going to send –

What to Send in Your Email Sequence to Sell Your Digital Product

Let’s be honest, your email sequence needs to sell your digital product. You need to build trust with your audience, trust in your product, and belief in the transformation you’re offering. Each step of this email sequence is designed to do just that – and more.

This sequence was created to sell courses, templates, and programs. If you’re an ecommerce girlie, this probably isn’t for you, just FYI (but this one here is).

But let’s get to it – here’s the 8-part email sequence you can use to sell your digital products:

#1. Freebie Delivery (or Your TOF)

Your first email should deliver your free resource or your top-of-funnel invite. Say thank you (explicitly) and let them know you’ll check back in soon. This is your opportunity to get your subscribers to stick around, so spend some time giving your email a quick catch, like a clever (but convincing) email subject line.

#2. Check-In

Use this email to check in with your subscribers. See if they need help and offer one additional tip related to your topic. Your tip should build on the information you shared in your free resource or TOF. An added piece of value continues to build reciprocity (which in turn sets you up for an easier sale down the line).

#3. Share Your Story

Or, if you don’t have a story to share, share a client case study! This should relate to overcoming the issue or pain point your digital product solves. Be transparent about how you struggled but overcame the issue; connecting with your audience over a shared pain point is one of the best ways to build trust (thank you, sales psychology).

#4. Draw the Connection

It’s time to draw the connection between your free resource and digital product. Share how your product will help them take things even further or succeed even more. Use tangible examples and past reviews or testimonials (if you have them) to support your claims.

#5. Shamelessly Sell

This is the “hard sell” of your digital product. Pull out all the stops – tell them about its features, the problems it solves, the price point, and how it’s going to help them accomplish their goals. Since this is a hard sell, don’t be afraid to really pitch your product, but make sure you’re doing so ethically – no false income claims or impossibly far-fetched accomplishments, k? 

#6. Visualization

By the end of this email, you want your audience to daydream about what their life or business will be like after they implement your product. Share the transformations they could experience and the pain points it helps solve, along with the potential outcome of having it solved (more time with their besties, focusing on the stuff they love to do, etc).

These should be things your audience has explicitly stated they want more of – so dig into your market research, read comments on your post, check your emails, etc., to find out what these might be.

#7. Testimonials & Social Proof

Don’t just give them your thoughts; share the thoughts of others who have actually used your product and got the results! Social proof is huge in selling your digital products, so if you’re not already asking for feedback, this is your sign to start now. If you’re launching a product for the first time, consider using testers to get feedback and social proof before sharing your product with the rest of your audience.

PS: Sales and consumer psych tells us that humans prefer to take risks when other people take the same risks before them. Purchasing your product is technically risky, so showcasing the positive reviews of others who already “took the risk” positions your product as a safe purchasing decision.

#8. Down-Sell

Not everyone is going to buy, and that’s okay! Maybe they’re not ready for your digital product – or maybe they have another problem they need to fix first. Use your final email to down-sell another product in your digital suite.

Don’t have one? Use this email to thank them for their time and note an end to your selling period/emails. Or, if there’s a service you feel is a perfect fit, this is the time to pitch it!

How to Make the Most of Your Email Sequence 

And just like everything else, there’s always room for improvement! Building out your email sequence is one thing, but to get the absolute most out of it, here are a few things you should do:

  • Hyperlink your sales/checkout page multiple times (but also put it in bold and underlined for extra emphasis)
  • Don’t overdo the design! Your aesthetics matter, but don’t over-design it
  • Spend some TLC on your copy; it’s really what’s going to make your sequence a success (especially when you’re selling)
  • A/B test your subject lines to see which ones get the most opens — here are 50 irresistible ones to get you started

Finally, just be yourself and embrace your personality in your copy and how you sell (your audience wants YOU, not a you-shaped robot).

And if you ever find yourself staring at a blank screen and wondering wtf you should say (and you’re just tired of all the guesswork), try my Customizable Evergreen Email Funnel – I promise you’ll love it.

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