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Helping business owners tap into the powers of sales, psychology, and storytelling to reach their ideal audience, sell their services & products, and increase their impact is sort of my favorite thing.

I've been fascinated by stories and how they connect us since I was really young, inspiring me to earn a journalism degree before spending time in the magazine world and ultimately founding Reveal. My goal is simple: Help you reveal (get it?) your truth and everything that makes you a 10/10 brand in a way that helps people find you, choose you, love you, and pay you. 

This blog is full of my best tips, tricks, and advice. Thanks for stopping by — hope to see you back again here soon.

Hey Cutie,
I’m Kaili

Copywriter, Sales Psych Aficionada, Brand Builder, and Founder of Reveal Studio Co.

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If you want to be obsessed with your website (and you want your website to work), then it’s time to hire a copywriter. But really, one of the most telltale signs it’s time to hire a copywriter is when you absolutely hate the copy on your site, and it’s not getting you results (aka booking […]

When to Hire a Copywriter 

When to Hire a Copywriter according to Kaili of Reveal Studio Co.
Why You Need a Copywriter | Reveal Studio Co.

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As a copywriter, I’m often asked, ‘Why do I need a copywriter?’ The answer is simple: A copywriter isn’t just someone who is really good at writing (although we totally are); they’re someone who’s spent years studying and implementing behavior economics, writing words that make people a lot of money, and finding fresh ways to […]

Why You Need a Copywriter

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Let’s take a minute (or three) to go back to the basics of copywriting — at least, the essentials of web copy, all the words on your website intended to create action (aka convert). Impactful, effective web copy gets your website to do the work for you. It sells your offers in the background while […]

What is Web Copy: Back to Basics

What is Web Copy | Reveal Studio Co.