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When to Hire a Copywriter according to Kaili of Reveal Studio Co.

When to Hire a Copywriter 



If you want to be obsessed with your website (and you want your website to work), then it’s time to hire a copywriter.

But really, one of the most telltale signs it’s time to hire a copywriter is when you absolutely hate the copy on your site, and it’s not getting you results (aka booking clients, selling products, attracting new subscribers) — whether it’s because you DIY’d your copy at 3 am or you’ve outgrown your past messaging (or anything and everything in between). 

And you’re not limited to your website; you can (and should) hire a copywriter for your email launch sequence, your sales pages, and anywhere else that requires words (aka copy) that convert (aka sell).

If you’re looking for a more specific answer based on the timeline, it depends on the copywriter you’re working with and the project you’re working on. When you work with Reveal, I recommend booking your copy three months before you plan for your project to go live.

But what else should you look for when thinking about hiring a copywriter?

You Should Hire a Copywriter When…

You’re tired of your copy not working on your website, in your sequences, and during your launches. If you’re looking for a telltale moment, that would be the one – but it’s not the only one.

If you are looking for some type of ‘sign’ you should hire a copywriter; here are a few moments to look for:

You’re considering hiring a website designer

Copy before design, almost always. Some designers will even direct you to a copywriter before they work on your website. So, if you’re outsourcing web design, outsource copywriting too. 

You’re creating a new product (or updating an old one) and want to increase conversions on your sales page

Part of the benefit of working with a copywriter is their years of experience and expertise in writing words that work. By using sales psychology and clarifying the messaging around your offer, a copywriter can help make sure your stuff sells and your course fills out.

You’re planning to launch a new offer

Did I mention we do more than write website copy? Copywriters are perfect for taking your launch copy off your plate by writing your email copy, prepping your sales pages (see above), and even your evergreen sales funnel to use post-launch.

You don’t want to do it yourself

It’s okay not to want to write your own copy — 100%, no judgment. I’m a firm believer in staying in my zone of genius and tend to outsource where I can when I can because forcing the energy for a task I have no desire to do is the literal worst.

If you just don’t want to do it yourself, I’m more than happy to take it off your hands. Just click here.

It’s Probably Not The Right Time If…

While those are only a few examples of when to hire a copywriter (trust me, there are plenty more), there are also a few times I don’t recommend it, such as:

Hiring a copywriter will put your business into debt or cause you to be in a poor financial situation

Copywriting improves conversions, but you shouldn’t ‘risk it all’ to invest in it. Instead of investing in a copywriter, look into copy templates (the next best thing) to help structure and guide your copy at a more comfortable price point (and invest in a copywriter when you are ready).

You’re still working out the details of your offer(s) or business

I love that you’re ready to get everything going and want to have it done by an expert, BUT copywriters can’t bring clarity to your offers or business if it doesn’t fully exist.

Take a step back, work at all the details, and come back when you’re ready — or book your project ahead of time (just make sure you’re dedicated to your timeframe).

You saw someone’s copy, and you want to sound just like them

Emulating a vibe or getting inspiration from someone else’s copy is fine, but copying them isn’t (and is illegal). If you’re outsourcing to a copywriter because you want copy that sounds exactly like someone else, it’s probably not the right time to hire. 

Copy works best when you embody YOU — when you’re ready to unapologetically pave your own path.

How to Hire a Copywriter 

When you’re ready to hire a copywriter, it’s time to do your due diligence. Look on social media (or any search platform) for one who works with brands like yours or business owners like you.

Look at the values they have and the testimonials from their past clients — copywriting isn’t a fully hands-off experience; you’ll need to be willing to provide feedback and give direction during the process, and working with someone who you can connect with makes a huge difference in the entire experience.

If you feel Reveal is the right fit for you (yay!), fill out our inquiry form and share a little bit about yourself and your project! Just click here (because it should be easy).

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