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Why I love using Notion for Digital Products | Reveal Studio Co

Why I Love Notion for My Digital Products



Have you ever used a platform and just, I don’t know, fell in love? That’s the experience I had with Notion.

I wasn’t sure at first, but after I started planning out one of my favorite digital products to date (the Digital Seller’s Copy Kit), the ease of Notion quickly brought it to the top of my list — and it continues to be one of my favorites for hosting products to this day.

What is Notion?

Notion Website Homepage explaining what a Notion Workspace is | Reveal Studio Co

Notion is (according to their own words) an AI-powered workspace (which feels like an understatement). The workspace includes more than enough features to support your business like:

  • Docs for note-taking, storing your branding, tracking projects, and creating pitch decks
  • Wikis to centralize all your knowledge and organize your workspace
  • Projects and features such as databases, graphs, and charts
  • Calendar integrations to manage and move all of your commitments and tasks to one place

The list goes on and on (honestly, I don’t think I’ve even managed to use a third of their features yet, and I’m more than satisfied). 

I’ve seen Notion used for project management and client portals (like my own) as well as personal task management, social media hubs, website audits, and most importantly — at least for today — digital products.

Notion for Digital Products

The Digital Seller's Copy Kit, how I use Notion for digital products | Reveal Studio Co.

Exhibit A — the Digital Seller’s Copy Kit. My first digital product (but definitely not my last) created and hosted in Notion — the one which convinced me the platform was soooo good for it. 

I needed a platform built to handle multiple features and create a home base for all the information I wanted to share, along with the tools and resources I wanted to provide to support their launch.

On the main page alone, I had three different databases, a checklist, a timeline, an embedded video, and all the important (if boring) information regarding their terms of purchase, refund policy, and where to reach out for support.

I could end it here (with just the amazing accessibility for clients), but the features help us creators add little things to make our products more profitable. For example, a list of resources from your shop without cluttering your product content or easily adding sections to utilize affiliate and referral links.

The only concern I had was if Notion would be easy to navigate and learn for those who had never even heard of the platform.

Notion and User Experience

All platforms have a learning curve — a period when the user has to learn how to navigate its features. Luckily, Notion’s isn’t bad. Building a digital product in Notion takes a bit of practice (and patience), but it provides an amazing user experience for your consumers.

When I launched the kit, I didn’t receive any complaints about how the platform worked or how it was presented in Notion. If they prefer to access information outside of Notion, they can easily download the guides and templates as PDFs to store and use in their own Google Drive.

But before you assume everything looks great and works perfectly, invite a select few from your audience as product testers to make sure everything does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

While my testers provided more specific feedback on hosting the product in Notion, I also received feedback like this after the launch:

“And let’s talk about setup. Yeah, it might feel like a bit of a trek through the digital wilderness at first, but once you’re in, it’s like stepping into a cozy little digital haven. Plus, it’s hosted on Notion, so you know it’s legit. You can drag and drop, copy and paste, and collaborate with your team like a freakin’ boss.” – Tristan T, Brand Strategist

TL;DR Notion Might Just Be Exactly What Your Digital Product Shop Needs

Notion membership tiers and pricing | Reveal Studio Co.

Use the platform that makes the most sense to you, but Notion might just be what you’re looking for to help expand (or launch) your digital product shop

You can start exploring the platform for free with their basic plan and upgrade when you feel comfortable creating on it (a paid plan is required to share your workspace as a template). Don’t forget to come back and let me know how it goes!

You can sign up for your free Notion account here.

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