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What to Send After Your Lead Magnet



Someone downloading your freebie is a sign they’re interested in you and what you offer, and it just feels good, right? They trust you as the expert to deliver all the best information, and they love your freebie, but what’s their next step? Where do they go? What should you send after your lead magnet?

Before you send them straight to an upsell, let’s do one better – build a strategic email sequence that nurtures, connects, and sells. Build onto what your freebie offers, share a personal story (and add a short soft sell), and follow it up with your “official” product pitch.

Here’s what to send after your lead magnet (and some extras):

What is a Strategic Email Sequence?

What do I mean by a strategic email sequence? I mean an email sequence that supports your overall strategy and is designed to convert your freebie subscriber into a sale. A lead magnet or freebie is typically your TOF (top of funnel), and your email sequence leads them to the end of your funnel – your product pitch.

There’s no right or wrong length for an email sequence, and it depends on your offers, goals, and how you speak to your audience. For example, you may only need three emails in your sequence, or you might need six.

While the sequence I’m sharing today is for taking your subscribers from a freebie download to purchasing your product, email sequences can do whatever you need. They can launch your course, nurture a waitlist, upsell from a purchase, and more – you just need the right sequence in the right place.

3 Emails to Send After Your Lead Magnet

The email sequence you’ll send after you’ve delivered your lead magnet should follow this setup: start by providing your audience with additional valuable information, follow up with storytelling paired with a soft pitch, and finish with directly pitching your product/offer.

Obviously, this is a generalized option that works for most businesses, and if this doesn’t support your current strategy, it’s probably not the right time to use it.

Based on this strategy, here are the first three emails you need to send after your lead magnet (remember, you can have 6+).

Email #1: Give Additional Value

The first email you send after you’ve delivered your freebie (preferably with the help of these free Email Subject Lines for Delivering Your Lead Magnet) is going to give them an additional piece of valuable information.

You want this to seamlessly build onto your freebie and help them take one more small step toward success. This email should also prompt them to reply if they have any issues or questions.

Email #2: Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing – which is why it’s the second email in your sequence. Share a personal story that relates to whatever product or service you’re about to pitch them. Your email copy should focus on being conversational and transparent.

You’re not pitching your product yet, but you can casually link to the offer at the end of your email (soft pitch).

Email #3: Pitch Your Offer

The third email you send after delivering your lead magnet is your pitch. This is the email where you’re officially pitching your offer – and you can do this millions of ways. 

I recommend using a case study or sharing a few client testimonials. With some social proof, you can solidify the value of your offer.

What Happens After You Pitch Your Offer?

There are two choices your audience can make: they buy or they don’t buy. What they do next will determine what you do next.

If they don’t buy, it’s time to do a self-audit (but also, not everyone will buy). Look at your subject lines, open rates, click-through rates, and copy. Are your emails seamlessly building on the original lead magnet? Are you utilizing your testimonials or reviews?

If your audience is consistently not converting, it’s time to start testing – or use a template tested by industry experts (like the Free Resource to Pitch Copy Template in the Reveal Studio Co. Shop).

If they do buy, then email #3 won’t be the last email you send – instead, you’ll follow up with an upsell sequence. A post-purchase upsell sequence should upsell your audience while requesting feedback about their initial purchase. A 3-part email sequence can usually do the job, and I have just the one for you!

Set up your post-purchase sequence in only 15 minutes with the Post-Purchase Upsell Sequence, a 3-part email sequence template for industry experts like you – grab your template here (because marketing should be easy).

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