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Why You Need a Copywriter | Reveal Studio Co.

Why You Need a Copywriter



As a copywriter, I’m often asked, ‘Why do I need a copywriter?’ The answer is simple: A copywriter isn’t just someone who is really good at writing (although we totally are); they’re someone who’s spent years studying and implementing behavior economics, writing words that make people a lot of money, and finding fresh ways to tell stories that make people act.

A copywriter is the person you go to when you need to connect, persuade, and sell. 

Hiring a copywriter can make a difference in someone subscribing, buying, or simply sticking around to learn more about your brand (and you).

What is a Copywriter?

Copywriters are service providers who write copy (aka words) to convince readers to take action (aka buy). 

They’re able to persuade audiences using storytelling and sales psychology — among other things — to view your brand or business as the go-to in your industry.

Copywriters create words that are entertaining enough to keep readers reading, clear enough to guide people where they need to go effortlessly, and compelling enough to convince people to act.

The copy they write can be for your campaigns, launches, websites, and even social media. It just depends on your project and its purpose.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter 

You can DIY anything and everything, but the main benefit of hiring or working with a copywriter is their experience and ability to deliver results. 

Copywriters know what works and what doesn’t and use this information and experience to create your copy. This leads to results like…

#1. Establishing Yourself as a Trusted Business in Your Industry

Your messaging is clear, and your brand is clearer. When you work with a copywriter, they take your brand (and you) and integrate it into every word and phrase of your copy.

This — along with clarifying your offers, who you are, and why your audience should trust you — allows you to be seen as a go-to, trusted business in your industry.

#2. Increased Conversions for Your Offers

Copy, at least copy written by Reveal Studio, is rooted in sales psychology and designed to get your audience to take action. Optimized and aligned copy leads to more conversions for your offers and a deeper connection with your customers. 

#3. Get Your Time Back

How many hours are you willing to put into your website copy? What about your launch copy or your sales pages? Can you balance the time needed to write with the time needed to create, market, and sell your offer? More often than not, the answer is no.

Good copywriting can be time-consuming, especially regarding large projects (like your website) or building out email sequences like a live launch. Hiring a copywriter saves time and provides better results than DIY’d copy.

The Truth Behind Good Copy

Everyone loves to claim their industry or service is the most important for businesses — and it’s true. To have a successful business, there are many moving parts to maintain and improve, but copywriting is one of the foundational building blocks. 

Copywriting is right up there with branding and website design because, ultimately, all the efforts you put into marketing on other platforms and even networking direct your lead in one place: your website.

Just like if your website isn’t working, if your copy isn’t working, you’re letting clients and customers who would love to work with you (and you with them) walk away.So, if you’re ready for good copy and want to engage your readers and convert them into clients, book your copywriting project today.

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