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How I Built a Successful Copywriting Business | Reveal Studio Co

How I Built a Successful Copywriting Business



I often get asked how I built Reveal to what it is today (something I’m very proud of). While I’ve shared this story before, I wanted to share it again — and before I even get started, I want to give a little reminder: everyone’s journey is different. They start and grow differently — this is just mine.

Without further ado, here’s the story of how I built my successful copywriting business and fell in love with what I do:

Getting Started: Writing as a Child

I always tell people that writing is my first language. As a child, I was sent to speech therapy because they thought I couldn’t speak — it turns out I just preferred to write things down even as early as three years old. 

My first “book” was about talking vegetables that visit a zoo (currently unpublished, but forever holds a space in my heart). I attended a college writing camp in 3rd grade, took advanced classes throughout my entire education, and excelled in reading and writing. 

From day one, it was clear and obvious that writing was my natural gift — a gift that is the essence of Reveal. 

My First Publication

My original dream was to become a journalist — I thought I’d write about travel, war, homelessness…all of it. And I thought for sure I would become a documentarian, as documentaries are what initially inspired me to pursue journalism.

My first publications were getting personal essays submitted to websites and books. I never cared about the results or outcomes; I just wanted to write and write and write no matter what. 

Writing felt more like a piece of me than a “hobby” or a “skill.” And when people started to notice, and I started getting published, I realized I was on the right track.

From College to Post-Grad

During college, I switched majors from kinesiology to journalism and immediately founded a print magazine (HSH). I built a staff of 50, raised funds, and created an 80-page print magazine.

This earned me an apprenticeship with Meredith Corporation (publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Shape, etc.). From there, I was hired as a thought capital writer for a Fortune 500 investment company.

I learned so much in all of these positions, such as how to tell a compelling story, interview people, edit, sell, and work as a team — the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t trade my time in corporate for anything; working for someone else set me up for success when I started my own copywriting business.

Quitting Corporate and Beginning a Business

While working in corporate, I continue to freelance for companies and magazines while also getting personal essays published. I was constantly writing. 

When I quit corporate, I was hired a few weeks later as a contractor for the same company, earning my yearly salary in less than 2.5 months. This is when I knew things would work out for me. I believed in myself and my ability to “make it,” so much so that “risks” no longer felt risky — they just made sense.

Leaving corporate was not the end of my time in the workforce; I still worked 3 part-time jobs on top of running my business. I wanted to make sure I could afford my life and bills before going all in.

Once I could do that (about 3 months in), I quit everything else, registered my business, got my first branding done, and moved to Arizona. I was working all the time.

I was networking, learning, and listening to podcasts — I tried, failed, and tried again. I figured it out for myself and built my own “signature process” based on what worked for me.

Showing Up and Growing

Instead of doing what everyone else was doing, I stuck to how my brain operates best. That meant lots of pen to literal paper, sticky notes to map out my processes, and constantly writing down ideas.

These initial years were spent deep in a learning phase — everything was a lesson, and everyone had the potential to teach me something. 

This was also when I started making good friends in the industry, traveling (to live out my “why”), and adding to my services. I refined my process, created an impeccable client experience, and got good at writing words that worked.

My business started to pick up when I started showing up on social media — constantly coming from a place of “How can I add value?” I continued to expand my service offerings to meet the growing needs of business owners, and I invested in professional branding and outsourced tangible tasks.

I created digital products and learned how to sell them while continuing to invest in my sales and marketing education — and networked like crazy.

My Biggest Cash Month

I didn’t launch a course or high-ticket offer until nearly 5 years into business. Then, I created the Summer Selling Series, and had my largest cash month to date. 

I waited longer because I wanted to do things differently — offer the industry something truly innovative, and I wanted to do it right. 

Most importantly, I waited until I knew I had enough money in the bank and clients down the pipeline that even if my launch failed, I’d be okay. 

During these 5 years, I was constantly booked out with clients — even though I didn’t pitch one. How? Referrals and retention (thanks to years of refining my client experience).

The Timeline

In case you were wondering when all of this happened, here’s a breakdown of the timeline:


Freelancing with three other part-time jobs. Saving money. Learning. Networking. 


All in business. Still networking like crazy. Constant value on socials and email. Say yes and figure it out later.


Outsourcing. Professional branding. First digital product. Focus on client experience. Built a team. 


Only offered things I loved. Started speaking in groups and podcasts more. Descaled (no more team). Built affiliate program.


First high-ticket offer. Focused heavily on building a personal brand. Started mentoring others. 


Fully built-out product suite. Multiple mid- to high-ticket offers. Focusing more on products than services.

How to Have a Successful Copywriting Business

If you take anything from my story, I hope it’s that you should allow yourself to try, fail, get curious, and never stop learning, networking, or providing value. 

When I started my business, I trusted myself completely; I fully believed there was no other option than success. I made smart money decisions in business and my personal life and didn’t upgrade my lifestyle when my income increased.

I’ve kept values and ethics at the front of everything I do (and did), built a personal brand, and stopped worrying about how others wanted me to show up. 

And I just kept showing up, day after day. 

I didn’t build this overnight. But now, I’m here <3

If you want to stick around and get to know me better (and follow along as Reveal continues to grow), follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter here.

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