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How to Increase Your Inquiries During a Slow Season | Reveal Studio Co Kaili Meyers wearing a black top and light jeans sitting on a armless chair against a white brick background.

How to Increase Your Inquiries During a Slow Season



There are always a few months of the year that are slow, with little to no inquiries, sales, or sign-ups. While the actual timing of a slow season varies by industry, everyone experiences one; you’re not alone.

But, rather than slowly losing your mind, there are a few things you can do to push through slow seasons as a business owner. If you’re looking to start increasing your inquiries today, these three tips are for you:

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Inquiries During a Slow Season

There’s no secret solution to a slow season – they happen, it’s a thing. But part of the reason I put this list together is because there’s a chance you’re losing potential leads long before they can make it to your contact form (and in ways you’d probably never guess).

So, while you can’t really “opt out” of slow seasons, you can definitely do a few things to make it so the leads who are interested in what you’re offering are sticking around. Here’s what I recommend:

#1. Audit How You’re Driving People to Your Website

Aside from people organically finding you on Google, how are you directly sending people to your website? For a lot of business owners, the answer is “a link tree in my bio.” But while that’s good, you can do better!

Skip on the third-party platform and create your own custom landing page on the same platform (and domain) as your website. 

Add some personality and a mini bio, and then direct people to your site. You can add links to your services page, contact form, and general website. Then, you can add links to your shop or anything else you’re promoting.

If you’re sticking with a link tree, keep it to 4-6 links maximum. Adding more will make it feel chaotic and overwhelming (trust me, there’s nothing like trying to navigate a page with 16+ links).

#2. Optimize Your Website for Inquiries

If you’re a service provider, you’re no stranger to being told to “optimize” this strategy or platform – but I want you to optimize your website. Optimize your website copy, formatting, strategy, and service descriptions. 

Even if your website is aesthetically on-brand, it doesn’t mean you’re strategically positioned to drive inquiries. Here’s what I mean…

  • Limit your navigation bar to “services” or “work with me” and only 4-5 other tabs – keep it simple and clean.
  • Make your services page easy to navigate. Website visitors should be able to get to your services quickly; if they’re forced to keep scrolling, they’ll leave (and you’ll have a poor user experience).
  • Ditch the guessing game – make sure your service descriptions clearly answer what the service is, who it’s for, what’s included, and how much it costs.

And don’t skip on the little things – now is a good time to audit how your website is working. You can check for buttons, broken links, and different navigation paths through your site to get a peek at what your visitors experience.

#3. Consider How You’re Showing Up 

Mainly, consider how you’re showing up on social media. One of the biggest reasons someone chooses brands and service providers is how they make them feel.

Take some time to identify the impression you’re leaving on your audience. Ask yourself,

  • Are you consistent?
  • Is your messaging clear?
  • Are you speaking to your people’s core driver?
  • What energy do you give off?

All of these can be reasons why someone does or doesn’t book! If you’re still struggling, think about how you WANT people to feel and go from there. When you’re clear on your end goal, you’ll be more likely to create content and show up in the way you want to. 

Are You Stuck in a Slow Season? Here’s My Biggest Tip…

Focus on what you can do – not what you can’t. Slow seasons are normal, and a lot of businesses are experiencing the same thing at the same time. Before beating yourself up, remember the problem isn’t necessarily YOU – it’s just a part of being a business owner. 

So, while you can’t change what others choose to do, you can take this time to refine your systems, processes, and website (and make your client experience so good you’ll be the first on their mind for a referral).

And if you don’t know where to start, I have just the thing for you. Start auditing and optimizing your email funnels with a breakdown guide and free checklist. Grab yours -> Yes, please! (aka click here)

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