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3 Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs | Reveal Studio

3 Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs



Emails have power in your business — they nurture, sell, and support nearly every aspect of your backend and frontend workflows. The problem? Email marketing is time-consuming, and many business owners don’t have the budget to outsource their email copy to a copywriter. The solution? Email templates.

Email templates are customizable emails or sequences you can use to market or support your business. While I can’t speak for other copywriting templates, our templates serve very specific purposes (like selling your digital product, requesting testimonials, and nurturing your subscribers). All of our templates are easily customizable to your brand — some even offer multiple-choice sections featuring different brand voices.

How to Use Email Templates in Your Business

Copywriters are powerful tools for service providers and business owners, but that doesn’t mean every business owner is ready to hire or outsource. Being in a season where outsourcing isn’t possible doesn’t mean you can’t get a professional copy or amazing results — which is exactly where a few email scripts can make a difference.

Email templates allow you to get professional copy without hiring a professional copywriter one-on-one. You have to do the work to customize it to your business and offers, but it’s better than doing it all on your own.

Plus, you eliminate the stress of writing emails and wondering if they’ll convert — and we haven’t even mentioned the sheer amount of time templates save compared to doing it all yourself.

3 Email Templates Every Business Owner Needs (That Make Life  Just a Bit Easier)

An email template for everything would make being a business owner easier. You’d never have to worry about what to say or when to say it; launching would be easier, and client communications would be simple. But a template for everything isn’t the best starting point. 

Instead, start with a few email templates you believe would provide the biggest impact on your business. My recommendations? Start with an email sequence to make sure you’re building the best connection with your subscribers as soon as they subscribe, workflow emails to create a smooth client experience, and a sequence to sell:

#1. Welcome Sequence

If nurturing your subscribers the second they hit “subscribe” and join your email list is what you want to do, this Customizable Welcome Sequence for Coaches and Service Providers is exactly what you need. 

Crafted specifically for coaches and service providers looking to optimize their email list, this 4-part email sequence is designed to easily nurture and engage with subscribers when they first get on your list (and keep people from hitting unsubscribe).

This sequence tells your subscribers what to expect from you and how you can help them. Plus, you’re ready to lead your subscribers into a sales sequence (like this one) when you ARE ready to sell.

#2. Workflow Emails

Optimizing your client experience? Here’s a resource that’ll save you literal hours of your life: Workflow Emails for Creative Service Providers. With 21 fully customizable workflow email templates to use, you’ll always have a clear plan for what you’re sending while working with your clients.

This collection of email templates helps you lead and communicate through your workflow process — starting with your automatic response to inquiry and ending with your follow-up request for a testimonial. The in-between includes templates like booking a discovery call, sending questionnaires, delivering drafts, and scheduling a final review. 

If you’re not quite ready for all the emails, start simple with my free Client Experience Audit Checklist.

#3. Free Resource Delivery (and Pitch)

Last on the list is a personal favorite, the Free Resource to Pitch Sequence. This sequence is for every service-based business owner who uses a free resource as a lead generator or top-of-funnel offer and wants to seamlessly pitch a product or service to everyone who downloads it.

Never wonder what to send after your lead magnet again because this sequence provides email templates for delivering your freebie, priming your audience to purchase your offer, and pitching your product.

This template is easy to customize and can be applied to any (and all) of your free resources.

What Makes a Good Email Template?

A good email template does more than “sound good” — it’s strategic. It hits all the key areas to allow you to connect with your clients, and it’s a plus if it uses sales psychology (because, trust me, it works).

Before buying a template, research the copywriter or business owner who’s selling it. Are they experts in their industry? Does this align with what they teach? Do they seem trustworthy? Are they transparent about the benefits/results of using their products? Take it a step further, look for social proof, and see what others are saying about their products and templates.

If you’re looking for email templates and scripts to support your business, check out the Reveal Studio Shop, which features templates for your emails, sales pages, web copy, and more (along with more than a few free goodies).

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