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What's the Secret to a Six-Figure Launch? | Reveal Studio Co.

What’s the Secret to a Six-Figure Launch? 



As a sales copywriter who’s worked with 350+ clients and has six years of experience, I’ve worked with — and created copy for — multiple six-figure business owners who had six-figure launches. As it continued to happen for my clients, I started to notice trends between them, which cued me in on a few things (like how to have a successful launch).

What’s the secret of a six-figure launch? To be honest, there is no secret — it’s just some extremely talented business owners who are true experts in their field. 

But, if a six-figure launch is on your to-do list, there are some things you should keep in mind…

7 Tips to Help You Have  a Successful Product Launch

Let’s be real; you’re probably not going to have a six-figure launch as a normal everyday business owner on your first launch — and none of these business owners I mentioned above did either. A six-figure launch shouldn’t be your goal. Instead, you should focus on having a successful launch.

A successful launch should aim to solve a problem for your customers and bring awareness to your product — and you should feel “good” while doing it. Successful launches require thorough market research, preparation, strategy, and a clear timeline of what happens and when.

So, before you kick off your next (or first) product launch, consider the following insights from other successful launches:

#1. You Have to “Spread the Word”

Every successful launch I’ve seen utilized email marketing, social media, collaborations, and more to spread the word (and create hot leads). You have to create awareness around your offer and your launch to start bringing in potential buyers.

#2. Keep it Innovative and Fun

Don’t make a copy-and-paste product or offer — if ChatGPT made it for you, it won’t lead to the product launch of your dreams. Your audience wants something innovative and fun — they want something different!

#3. Be THE Expert

Way before you even start thinking about launching your product (or making one), focus on becoming a well-trusted expert in your industry. You don’t need a million followers, but your audience should have confidence in the information and value you give.

#4. Trust Your Team

If you’re investing in a team (copywriter, social media manager, business consultant, etc.), trust their expertise and let each person do their job without micromanaging. If they’re giving you advice, take it! You hired them for a reason (presumably because they’re the expert), so let them do their thing.

#5. Don’t Rush it

It can be exciting to launch and do something new — but you can’t rush it. Stick to your game plan and take your time. Focus on your pre-launch strategy, host a free masterclass, and nurture your audience. Trust me, it makes a difference.

#6. Don’t Expect it to Pay Your Bills

I get it (like really, I do); making money is part of being a small business owner, and having consistent cash flow is a game-changer. But you can’t rely on your new product launch to pay your bills. When you’re banking on your launch to make big money, you’re putting more (unnecessary) pressure on yourself.

Be excited about the cash infusion your launch can bring, but don’t stop making your other income. Continue marketing your other offers and providing value to your community (refer back to #3, it’s a good one).

#7. Have a Good Time

Yes, you should have a plan and strategy when you launch, but you should also have a good time selling your product. It’s a time to engage with your community, and if you’re anything like me, sharing new products is fun! Your pride and joy is finally out there doing what you created it for — helping your community accomplish their goals.

How to Plan a Successful Launch (the Easy Way)

Launching is like cooking. You can have the best ingredients, but if you’re missing the recipe, you won’t get the same final (delicious) dish. Your digital product (and you) are the ingredients — you just need the recipe. 

Your launch plan should include what to do in your pre-launch (like finding testers and planning a promo event), when you want to start sharing content based on your offers, when to start selling, and how long doors are open — you can even include planning your sales sequence and sales page copy. 

I know you came here to learn the “secrets” of a six-figure launch, but there is no secret. It’s hard work, experience, and planning (and tbh, a little bit of luck) — and the “secret” to all three is time. It’s going to take time to get there, but you can do it; I know you can

And if you want to save time planning and prepping your launch, try the Digital Seller’s Copy Kit — a comprehensive kit made to help business owners successfully market and sell their digital products; whether it’s your first launch or your 100th, this kit is for you.

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